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Transition in the audiology service

You might have heard your team talk about transition and wondered what it is. These pages have been designed to help provide information and support as you become more independent and take more responsibility for managing your hearing loss. As part of this you will also move from the children's audiology team to the adult team, but we will support you and help you prepare for this.

The main difference in adult services is that you will need to take responsibility for managing your appointments and looking after your hearing device if you have one.

Transition will cover aspects including:

  • Your understanding of your hearing condition
  • How to look after your hearing device
  • Information about the adult service
  • Taking more responsibility for managing your health and life choices including work, sport and relationships.

You can find information on these pages that will help you if you are just starting the transition process or if you have already moved to adult services. Your healthcare teams are there to support you throughout; you can find their contact details on the support pages if you need to talk to them about any aspect of your experience or if you have any questions.