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Meet the team

Our team and people involved in your care:


Admin and Clerical Team

You will be greeted on arrival at the department by a friendly receptionist who will register your attendance, confirm your contact details are correct and will advise you of any delay in clinic.

You may prefer to self-register your arrival using the patient friendly self service kiosk.

When you are invited to make an appointment you will generally be assisted by our friendly team of call handlers at the appointment call centre.  The Rheumatology has two dedicated clinic coordinators who you may speak to from time to time who ensure the smooth running of the booking process.



Consultants, Clinical Fellows and Registrars

Our Consultants, Clinical fellows and Registrar Rheumatologists are doctors who specialise in diagnosing and treating arthritis and related conditions. Your rheumatologist may arrange for you to have tests to find out more about your condition. These may include blood tests and x-rays. Your rheumatologist will recommend treatment programmes. This may include drug treatments, physical therapies and advise on self-management.

Dr Bash Boyce

Dr Emma Davies

Dr Robert Marshall 

Dr Elizabeth Perry  - Clinical Lead

Dr Elizabeth Reilly

Dr Joanna Robson

Dr Matthew Roy



The Rheumatology Department is part of the larger Division of Medicine. We have a dedicated specialty manager who is supported by an admin team.


Nursing Team

  • Clinical nurse specialists (CNS)

Specialist nurses are nurses who have been educated to degree level or above and who hold specialist knowledge, skills, competencies and experience.

Nurse specialists run their own clinics and practising at an advanced level assess disease activity and patient treatments as well as providing education and support for patients with rheumatological conditions. The Specialist nurses also manage a nurse led telephone help line for patients.


  • Senior nurse team

Our matron is Nicky Brooks who leads nursing outpatient services across a number of specialist teams.


We have 2 sisters Denise Pope and Claire Rowsell who are responsible for the day to day clinical management of the department who lead a team of registered nurses, nursing assistants and technicians. They work to ensure that high standards of care and patient safety are maintained.


  • Registered Nurses

We have an experienced team of registered nurses who will carry out assessments and deliver treatments in accordance treatment plans. They manage the infusions that are booked into our day case area and care for patients throughout their day case treatments.


  • Nursing assistants

We have a dedicated team of nurse assistant who work with the registered nurse and medical teams to support our patients through their appointments. They are the face of the department and will often be the first people you meet and will help guide you through the clinic process. They will perform assessments required prior to your appointment and any blood tests following your appointment.


Occupational Therapist

Occupational therapy provides patients with the skills to help manage their condition effectively and maintain or regain independent living.  They provide advice and splints for the protection of arthritic joints and advise on a variety of equipment to help maintain independence.  Occupational therapists also have skills in counselling and adaptation to illness. 


Osteoporosis services: DXA Technician 

Osteoporosis literally means 'porous bones'. Patients are usually unaware they have osteoporosis until they break a bone. DXA or Duel Energy X-ray Absorptiometry is used to measure the density of bone. Measurements are usually taken of the lower back and hip, and patients provide information about other risk factors for osteoporosis (e.g. family history and other broken bones).  The scan is performed by a trained technician and takes about 15 minutes to complete. The results are used to assist in interventions to improve bone health and reduce risk of fracture.



Podiatry can assess you for orthotics which are inserts for your shoes that can help with mobility. Our Specialist Podiatrist provides a specialist role in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of foot problems.



Juggling new medication with the new diagnosis can be difficult. Your local pharmacy can help you work out your medications, when to take them and how to take them.



Physiotherapists are specialists of movement. The treatment provided very much depends on the patients' specific physical difficulties and goals. It may include 1:1 treatment, hydrotherapy, groups for education and exercise, for example we run an osteoarthritis knee group and an osteoporosis exercise group.  We aim to help manage pain, and improve physical function, balance and muscle strength.


Research Team

Research projects vary from research into patients' attitudes to their disease; testing new models of care; developing measurement scales; and drug trials.  Researchers work to high standards of research governance, to ensure the safety of patients in the study, to ensure they give voluntary informed consent, and to ensure the integrity of their data. Many of the clinical staff collaborate in our research, or even conduct their own studies.  The team produces many papers and conference presentations, and the unit has a high Allied Health Professionals research profile nationally and internationally.   For further information please click here


Transition Team 

The adult Rheumatology team run a transition service for young adults moving from paediatric rheumatology care in to the adult Service.  The consultants involved in this are Dr Matt Roy, Dr Jo Robson, along with Tracy French the Clinical Nurse Specialist. There is a specific website for this transition process, which you can check out by following this link:


Transferring care to the adult service can sometimes feel a little daunting, so we aim to make this as smooth as possible.  The adult team join the consultations in the Children's Hospital when young adults are coming up to the time they will be moving into the adult Service. This means they can meet us before their first consultation, we can also walk them over to B504 so they can have a look around the department prior to their first visit.  We also have members of the paediatric team joining our clinics so there is a familiar face for the first consultation.  This is usually Laura Everson who is a Clinical Nurse Specialist in the Paediatric Rheumatology team.



Identifiable by their bright green shirts our lovely Volunteers attend the Osteoporosis clinics on Wednesdays to offer support and guidance to patients. They bring a unique insight as they themselves are patients of the service. Please do take the opportunity to speak to them.