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Urgent advice for healthcare professionals

For urgent diabetes advice please contact the diabetes specialist nurses on 0117 342 2892 (voicemails will be responded to) or on They are available on weekdays between 9:00 and 17:00.

The endocrine specialist nurses are contactable on 0117 342 4017 (voicemails will be responded to) or on They are available on weekdays between 8:30 and 16:30.

As a department we receive many letters, emails and telephone calls each week seeking endocrine specialist advice. This advice may concern existing endocrine patients with interim results, or it may be regarding patients not currently known to our service, where specialist advice may either direct an efficient diagnostic pathway or even avoid a referral altogether.

To help address this challenge we can be accessed from 9am to 5pm on weekdays via the BRI switchboard (0117 923 0000 - bleep 6216). This service is run by the endocrine specialist registrars and consultants on top of existing clinical commitments and so please be patient if on occasion no response is possible. Please note that the following information is required:

  • Patient name and date of birth
  • Details of referring healthcare professional - name and contact details
  • Clarity regarding the clinical query 

Please do not contact us about patients already under endocrine care in another centre - please contact their responsible consultant.