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Diabetes Resources


Clicking on the links below will take you to external websites.





Diabetes UK


ABCD DTN- UK - Technology in diabetes recourses. Self-management videos and resources supporting patients and healthcare professionals with insulin Pumps, Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM), Libre and CGM in Pregnancy


STEP - Scottish Type 1 Education Programme - 10 steps to improving your Type 1 diabetes control


Carbs and Cals. Book and app that makes carbohydrate counting easier using photos of different portion sizes. You can also subscribe to their YouTube channel for weekly videos on carb counting, diabetes, recipes, takeaways, low-carb & weight loss.


Diabetes UK Carbohydrate counting support 


Basic understanding and resources to start carbohydrate counting and Enjoy food Diabetes UK food book


Sheffield Hospital carbohydrate counting videos .YouTube video by the diabetes team in Sheffield around calculating carbohydrates


Bertie Carb Counting


 The Diabetes Insipidus Foundation


Trend T1DM sick day rules 


Trend T2DM sick day rules 


Trend DVLA guidance 




Diabetes techonology education 





Trend UK - Hypo Guidance 


ABCD DTN - sick day rules when managing an insulin pump 


ABCD DTN - pregnancy guides


Type 1 Diabetes and Exercise


A website run by Dr Ian Gallen (a national expert on sports and diabetes).  It has extensive information about how to best manage diabetes across a wide range of activities.


This detailed article in Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology provides the latest evidence-based guidance on managing exercise in T1 diabetes (free to download but requires registration).


Extod - exercise