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Skin Surgery

Skin Surgery

We undertake surgery through our day case treatment centre and same day surgery facility. All our surgery is under local anaesthetic, which means that you are just numb in a limited area and are not given a general anaesthetic. For most people, the visit takes less than three hours and we encourage people to come with someone to take them home, or arrange some form of transport home after.

Download our skin surgery leaflet

Some people have skin changes due to sun damage or harmless marks and lumps on their skin which can resemble skin cancer. Our service can provide a diagnosis for these changes, help you understand them and provide treatment advice.

The service is provided by all the dermatologists and a team of specialist nurses.

Appointments: Help us manage our day surgery waiting list

We appreciate that many people have been waiting a long time to receive the treatment they need, our work to book patients in as quickly as possible continues at pace.

In the coming weeks, we are working with one of our digital solutions providers, DrDoctor, to send text messages to suitable patients who are currently on our day surgery waiting list, asking them to let us know if they are able to have surgery at an alternative location.    

Please see the waiting for day surgery web page for more information.

Top tips if coming for skin surgery:

  • If you are coming for a pre-arranged operation, we usually advise that you do not drive yourself hom
  • You will usually need to be available for sutures to be removed seven to 14 days after your surgery 
  • (in other words, not abroad on holiday)
  • If you take any medicines that can thin the blood, or you have a pacemaker, let the doctor know as soon as possible in advance. 
  • Please note: if you take warfarin, you must have your INR checked three to five days before surgery. 
  • You may need a change of dose if your INR is higher than 2.5 (see page 11)
  • All surgery carries risks of bleeding, infection and scarring after the operation - make sure you discuss this in as much  detail as you want to beforehand
  • Continue taking your usual medicines unless your doctor tells you otherwise
  • Eat and drink normally - you will only be having a local anaesthetic (that is, you will be awake)
  • We do our best to make the operation pain-free, and as comfortable an experience as possible. You will usually be able to talk during most of your surgery if you wish, and will have a nurse caring for you
  • If you are elderly or frail, consider having a relative or friend with you overnight after the surgery
  • Most operations are very successful. However, it takes care and changes to your normal life, as detailed in this leaflet,  to ensure the best outcome you only have an operation if you consent to do so. 
  • Please read the consent section to make sure you know the important things about consent.

If you require further information, please ask staff, or telephone 0117 342 2486 during working hours: Monday to Friday 8.30am to 6pm