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Teaching & Research


We teach on any related paediatric nutritional issues to undergraduate and post graduate students, medical professionals, nursing staff, hospices, foster carers, adopters, schools and teachers, catering staff.

We can support your organisation with paediatric nutritional training.  Our current costs are £500 - £750 per day dependent on location and content of training.


The Bristol NIHR Nutrition Biomedical Research Unit (BRU) is set up to perform patient-focused, early phase experimental clinical research in priority areas of human nutrition, diet and lifestyle.

Our aim is to develop interventions to improve the health of people with conditions related to, or compromised by, poor nutrition.

Our specific work areas focus on:

- Optimising nutrition to improve the health of children with chronic disorders

- Nutrition and lifestyle interventions in men with prostate cancer

- Optimising nutrition in patients undergoing surgery or other major hospital treatment

- Developing interventions to reduce sedentary time in people with Type 2 diabetes

To find out more about our research please visit the BRU website.