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Welcome to School

About Us

The hospital school provides a friendly, fun as well as educational experience for your child. The team consists of teachers and teaching assistants specialising in primary and secondary education across all the main disciplines. On a daily basis we deliver lessons in the purpose built school room, a further study area on Level 7 and at the patient bedside.

Philosophy of the school

Our main aim is 'To enable the continuity of education' whilst children are in the hospital. We strive to create a sense of normality for the child and work with them and their parents to create a personalised learning plan. The core subjects such as English and Maths are delivered in a creative and challenging way that takes into account a child's wider medical needs. At the heart of what we do is a belief social interaction and peer support helps create an educational environment in which young people can support each other to learn. We believe in the principle of total inclusion where all ages and abilities work alongside each other. 

School with a difference

We are very proud of our wider curricular provision which includes visiting artists, science graduates and musicians to name a few. On most days a visit to the school room will involve something different to stimulate and engage

 children. We have long standing partnerships with organisations like We The Curious who bring science and technology to the children on a monthly basis.

In addition we are one of the few hospital schools with a qualified special educational needs teacher and many of our patients benefit from that expertise.