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Meet Our Team


school dave tecaherHi, my name is Dave and and I have been a teacher at the school for almost 3 years. I teach primary aged children some days and secondary aged on others. It's really enjoyable getting to teach a mixture of subjects and ages.

In the secondary team we have teachers to cover most subjects and I spend most of my time teaching maths. One of the things I really like is that older students can often identify areas or topics that they have previously found challenging or would simply like to revisit. This means I can teach them things specific to their needs and improve their understanding and confidence.

I also teach set work that has come from a child's home school, which is important for keeping pupils on track and to prevent them from falling behind their classmates. Sometimes when we have children in hospital during exam periods we link with the home school and faciliate the exam to happen in the hospital school. Where possible this reduces the amount of disruption medical treatment causes for that child.

We are really lucky with the equipment we have at our disposal in the hospital school. Tablet's are especially useful for lessons at a child's bedside and they also make things more interesting for everyone.

Away from the hospital I enjoy playing football and running and I am hooked on box sets like Game of Thrones.

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Hi, my name is Julie and I have been a teaching assistant at the school for 15 years. My day starts with all the teachers coming together to  plan the teaching schedule for the day. The first thing to consider is how well the child is so we work closely with the nurses and  doctors on the wards and decide whether a child can come into the school room or if we can visit them at their bed. I mainly teach primary aged children across a range of subjects and I love this variety.

 I really enjoy working with longer stay patients where you can have a real impact on their progress. We regularly liaise with the child's home school and create a bespoke package that takes into account what they are missing and what they are capable of whilst undergoing treatment. We largely teach on a 1-2-1 basis and this allows you to understand how the child likes to be taught and adapt your approach appropriately. It is really rewarding to see a patient's progress and know you are making a real difference.

Away from my teaching role at the hospital I enjoy walking my dog Ollie and looking after my two grandchildren.