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How does school work?

Each morning the school team will identify which children are to be taught, whether communally in the school room or at the bedside one-to-one. We allocate our team to best suit the needs of the children and the subjects which need to be delivered. When the teacher works with your child they will discuss their needs you and in most cases the home school. Our aim is 'To enable the continuity of education' and we will work with you to create a tailored approach best suited to your child.

What about my brothers and sisters?

Siblings of any patient from outside of Bristol are very welcome to utilise the school service and take part in lessons and activities in the school room.

What if I go home but am too unwell to go to school?

We support families to gain home tuition for children who have been discharged but may still be too unwell to return to school. This is through the local authority and we have experience setting this up for families as far away as Scotland.