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Meet the team

Management team

Anna Mcgregor, Divisional director for specialised services

Mandie Townsend, Clinical chair for specialised services

Sophie Nicholls, General manager for Bristol Heart Institute

Becky Hocking, Divisional HR business partner

Helen Bishop, Head of Nursing

Sophia Bloor, Deputy Head of Nursing

Vicky Beard, Performance and Operations Manager

Sally Worfolk, Perfomamce and Operations Manager

Cade Emery, Deputy Peformance and Operations Manager

Ismay Summer, Deputy Peformance and Operations Manager

David O'Sullivan, Finance manager for specialised services

Katie Phelan, Assistant Finance Manager

Nursing teams in the Bristol Heart Institute

Sarah Furniss head of nursing

Helen Bishop is Head of Nursing for the Division of Specialised Services, which includes the Bristol Heart Institute. As Head of Nursing, Helen is responsible for overseeing the management and support of all nursing teams to ensure that the care for  patients is delivered safely, compassionately and is a high quality.

Helen Bishop 0117 342 6619 

Jenny Anstey

Sophia Bloor is the Deputy Head of Nursing with a focus on the Bristol Heart Institute. Sophia is responsible for supporting the Head of Nursing in the delivery of nursing care and has a specific interest and focus on education, safegurading and clinical governance.

Sophie Bloor 0117 3426619

Sarah Chalkley


Claire Parker

Hannah Moore

 Angela Jackson

 Jacqueline Fear

Sarah Carson Sarah Carson is the catheter laboratory clinical manager. Sarah is part of the senior nurse team but also leads the multi professional team in this department.
Gemma Jones (Ward C705), Rachel Bohin (cardiology catheter laboratories and day case), Tom Rawlings (CCU),  (cardiac intensive care unit), Sue Monahan (Ward C805), Liz Leech (Ward C708) and Nicky Lukaszewicz are the ward/unit sisters who lead the teams of nurses in their clinical areas.

Clinical nurse specialists

Cardiology staff

Cardiac surgery staff

Adult congenital heart disease staff

Bristol Heart Rhythm

Mangement and clerical support teams

Cardiology staff

Consultant cardiologists

 Dr Julian Strange.
Secretary, Jacqui Wright, 0117 342 6574

Steve Dorman
Secretary, Jane Cleave, 0117 342 6692

EP lead - Glyn Thomas
Secretary, Felicity Lambert, 0117 342 6578 

Ed Duncan
Secretary, Julie Georgewill, 0117 342 6695

Tom Johnson
Secretary, Zena Clothier, 0117 342 6573

Angus Nightingale
Secretary, Esme Yeadon-Ray, 0117 342 6622

Dr Mandie Townsend
Secretary, Julie Georgewill, 0117 342 6695

Dr Ihab Diab

Secretary Jane Cleave , 0117 3426692

Dr Ioannis Felekos

Secretary Zena Clohtier, 0117 3426573

Dr Mark Mariathas

Secretary Zena Clothier,  0117 3426573

Dr Ashley Nisbet

Secretary Jacqui Wright, 0117 3426574

Dr Joanna Luszczak

Secretary, Jennifer Hawkesford  0117 3426572

Dr Nik Joshi

Secretary, Rachel Frost  0117 3425974

Associate specialist

Nabil Tumia 

Clinical nurse specialists

HEART team (acute coronary syndrome and cardiac rehabilitation)

Team leader - Daniel Thomas, nurse practitioner,

Heart failure

Bev Pearson

Hannah Lightfoot


Toni Dorrington

Secretary Caron Finn and Susan Davies 0117 3426595

Cardiac surgery staff

Consultant surgeons

Professor GD Angelini, British Heart Foundation professor of cardiac surgery

Secretary Debbie Chidzey, 0117 3426577

Professor  Raimondo Ascione, professor of cardiac surgical science and translational research

Secretary Debbie Chidzey, 0117 3426577

Professor Massimo Caputo, reader in cardiac surgery (paediatrics)

Secretary, Jo Lutz 0117 3426571

Franco Ciulli, Consultant Cardiac surgeon

Secretary Deb Griffiths, 0117 3426661

Andrew Parry, Consultant Cardiac surgeon (congenital)

Secretary Jo Lutz, 0117 3426571

Serban Stoica, consultant cardiac surgeon (congenital)

Secretary Jo Lutz, 0117 3426571

Mark Yeatman, consultant cardiac surgeon

Secretary, Deb Griffiths, 0117 3426661

Cha Rajakaruna, Consultant Cardiac Surgeon

Secretary, Annabelle Herron 0117 3426579

Eltayab Mohamed Ahmed, Consultant Cardiac Surgeon

Secretary, Annabelle Herron 0117 3426579

Hunaid Vohra, Consultant Cardiac Surgeon

Secretary Deb Griffiths, 0117 3426661

Associate specialist

Mr Milan Bates 

Staff grade

Mr Radek Capoun 

Principal perfusionist

Mr Richard Downes 

Director of CICU 

Dr Adrian Wagstaff

Lead anaesthetist (cardiac)

Dr Martin Platt

Adult congential heart disease (GUCH) team


Lead clinician, Dr Stephanie Curtis

Dr Mark Turner

Dr Graham Stuart

Dr Radwa Badair

Dr Demetris Taliotis


Mr Andrew Parry

Mr Massimo Caputo

Mr Serban Stoica

Dr Filippo Rapetto

Dr Shaffi Musa

Specialist nurses


Cardiac radiologists

Dr Mark Hamilton

Dr Nathan Manghat


Miss Sue Sellers

Miss Jo Trinder

Obstetric anaesthetists

Dr Issy Gardner

Dr Nicola Harvey

Dr Mike Kinsella

Dr Mark Scrutton 

Dr Nick Wharton

Bristol Heart Rhythm 

Dr Glyn Thomas, Consultant

Dr Ed Duncan, Consultant

Dr Palash Barman, Consultant

Dr Ashley Nisbet, Consultant

Dr Ihab Diab, Consultant