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Cardiac Intensive Care Unit/Cardiac High Dependency Unit


Cardiac intensive care (CICU) is a 24 bedded unit. It is split into three distinct areas caring for patients following heart surgery. We have 13 beds in which we can look after patients who require assistance with their breathing via a ventilator and 11 high dependency beds for those who are not quite ready to return to the wards. Most patients stay in the CICU for about 24 hours. During this time they will be cared for by nurses, doctors, physiotherapists and other team members. Nursing care is on a 1:1 basis while a patient is requiring ventilatory support and as the patient improves, decreases to 1:2 or 1:4 nurses per patient, depending on how well the patient is progressing. We appreciate that the CICU can appear a frightening place for visitors and patients but as team we are always here to help you. 


For an example of what uniforms you can expect to see on the ward, please view the image below.

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Feedback on the ward

Please have a look at the comment cards below for some recent feedback from our patients. 

Group 3 

Friends and family test

From April 2013, patients maybe asked a simple questions about their stay to identify if they would recommend a particular ward to their friends and family. The results of this friends and family test will be used to improve the experience of patients by providing timely feedback alongside other sources of patient feedback.


Dr Amit Ranjan Lead Intensivist

Sister CICUSue Gibert, lead sister