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Things to think about 

It is important to look after your physical wellbeing in the ways that you can. This can involve having a healthy diet, exercise and making sure that you get enough sleep! Looking after your physical wellbeing can help you to feel better physically and emotionally.  

It could be helpful to think about some of the following questions to find out if there are ways you want to improve your physical wellbeing. Maybe you are already thinking about some of these things but reading them through might help you decide if you need more help or information


  • What can I eat? What can't I eat?
  • How can I change my diet to improve my condition?
  • Will anything help my energy?
  • Do I need to increase/decrease my weight?
  • How can I eat well on a budget?
  • Will different foods affect my mood?


  • How does my condition impact my energy levels?
  • How many hours sleep do I get each night?
  • How can I manage my energy better during the day? 

Physical Activity

  • What is the best type of exercise for me?
  • But I'm not sporty…? What counts as exercise?
  • How much exercise should I do?
  • Can I exercise too much/hard?

You can find more information here about what physical exercise is recomended for your age. To understand how your health condition impacts on this please talk to your CNS.