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Transition was good. Everyone was friendly, helpful and caring



Things to think about 

It is very common for emotions and feelings to change, and when you have a medical condition you might find that these can change related to this. Your condition might impact you in good ways but could also make you feel worried, sad or angry. If these feelings are significantly affecting sleep, appetite or day-to-day activities, then some support and strategies to manage these feelings might be helpful.  It is perfectly normal to experience any or all of these feelings.

If you are experiencing some of these feelings you can explore internet based resources and agencies that may be able to offer advice and support locally. Young Minds are a good place to start.

Maybe you are already thinking about some of these things but reading them through might help you decide if you need more help or information.

Questions about your thoughts and feelings

  • Have I been feeling unusually low for a while? Am I sleeping more/less than usual?
  • Have I been feeling uptight, tense or wound up?
  • Am I forgetting things?
  • Have I been worrying more than usual?
  • Am I having trouble enjoying things?
  • Have I been having trouble concentrating?