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Cystic Fibrosis


Cystic Fibrosis shouldn't stop you from going on holiday but there are some things it is important to think about before you go away. 

Planning your holiday 

Speak with your Cystic Fibrosis team about your holiday plans as soon as you can so they can give you some travel advice and arrange any treatments or documents that you may need.

It is important to take your medication with you, including some spare medication just in case you lose some or become unwell. If you have more than one bag, you could put a set of medication in each. If your medication is meant to be refrigerated you could take a cool bag with you. If it needs to be kept at room temperature make sure to keep it in your hand luggage, as the carrier of the plane can get very cold!

Before you book a flight, talk to your Cystic Fibrosis team about whether you need a 'fit to fly' test. This looks at whether you need to take oxygen with you on the plane because of the difference in air pressure and oxygen concentration. If you will need to use nebulisers or portable oxygen during the flight, make sure you contact the airline before you travel to check this is ok.  

Insurance can be expensive so it may be worth looking at the cost of this before you book your holiday. You can find out more information about travel insurance  here.

When you travel

Remember to put any medication that you take with food in your hand luggage if you will be eating during your flight. If you are taking your nebuliser compressor or oxygen concentrator, remember to take batteries, as there is no electricity source on the plane. Aim for 50% more battery power than you actually need in case of delays!