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Try not to worry about moving to the adult hospital. Everyone is welcoming


About Us

Transition in the South-West

Every year, around 200 young people with cardiac conditions in the South West move from paediatric to adult services.

You may be seen at your local district hospital but we are always available for help and support in Bristol if you need us. If you do need to come to Bristol for a procedure or an operation, the nurse specialist will be able to answer any questions you have and support you. You can find the phone numbers for the paediatric and adult team on the contacts page.

The adult hospital might be different to the hospital that you already know. You may have a different medical team. They will talk to you and your parents and you will have a little bit of time on your own with the doctor. Some things will be different such as your clinic letters will be sent to you.  You will gradually get used to the way the clinic works. No one will expect you to know everything at first.

The adult team are looking forward to meeting you and will talk to you about how things are slightly different in the adult service. 

What can I expect when I see the doctor in clinic?

You will have the usual tests E.C.G (electrocardiogram), a trace of your heartbeat, an ECHO (echocardiogram), the scan of your heart and sometimes a chest x-ray. When you are having a heart scan you will wear a gown and every effort will be made to protect your dignity.  Please tell us if you have any worries.

When you see the doctor they will talk to you about how you feel, explain your heart condition, review your tests, make a treatment plan with you and discuss any relevant lifestyle issues such as pregnancy and contraception. This is a good time to ask any questions that you have.

Often young people with heart conditions can feel completely well even if their heart is working quite hard. Therefore it is important to come to your appointments so that we can monitor your heart condition and deal with any changes as they occur.