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How to refer

Physiotherapy can be particularly helpful if you suffer from leakage of urine during exercise or when you cough or sneeze. It can also help if you suddenly need to go to the toilet but can't get there in time. These are common problems that affect one in three women at some time during their life.

Physiotherapy can also help you if your pelvic floor muscles are weak.

What is self-referral and what do I need to do?

Self-referral is just another way of getting to see a physiotherapist. It means that you don't have to see your GP and wait for them to contact the physiotherapist. This service is available if you are female, over the age of 16 and have a bladder or pelvic floor problem. 

Here are the links to the pelvic health self-referral forms for our different hospital sites.
Bristol hospital form
Weston hospital form