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Stopping smoking

We know that giving up is not easy so we have a dedicated, specialist team who can provide personalised support to help you stop smoking. We offer a combination of medication and counselling which is proven totriplethe chances of quitting successfully.

In your first meeting, we will talk to you about your pregnancy and smoking habits. We will then create a personalised programme specific to your needs. We will help you to find strategies to cope with urges to smoke and explain how you can use Nicotine Replacement Therapy safely during your pregnancy. This will reduce withdrawal symptoms to make your quit journey as easy as possible.

Typically, the programme lasts 12 weeks with weekly appointments for the first six. These appointments can take place in person or over the phone. Where possible, we will arrange appointments to coincide with other antenatal appointments (for example when you come in for a scan). We will support you throughout your quit journey. You will also be able to contact your advisor by phone, text or email if you need any additional support.

All support, including medication, is free of charge.

For a referral, please speak to your midwife, email or call 0740 781 7479.