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Living with tube feeding

Tube feeding is a life changing experience. For hints, tips, personal stories and advice regarding living with tube feeding please visit the following websites:

Tube Feeding

My Tube

Below are a serious of videos you may also find useful - which videos you watch will depend on which tube you have. 

Our thanks to Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust for their permission to use these links, and to Nutricia for the link to the resources on their website.

1)     Care of syringes 

2)     Giving medications 

3)     Giving a bolus feed (please note that unless you have been told otherwise by your health care professional freshly drawn tap water is safe to use when feeding into the stomach)

4)      Changing a Corflo PEG end  

5)      Inserting a Stoma Stopper (Corstop A.C.E. stopper or EnPlug) 


Additionally on this link to the Nutricia Homeward website you will find the following videos:

1)      Advancing and rotating a PEG

2)      Balloon Volume Checks in a Balloon retained tube (BGT or button)

3)      Flushing a gastrostomy tube

4)      Measuring the pH of gastric aspirate

5)      Unblocking a gastrostomy tube

6)      Opening the fixation plate on a Corflo Gastrostomy tube

Please note that while the nurses in the video use gloves - we advise good hand hygiene is advised at home and in the community.

You will also find the Nutricia adult and paediatric advice sheets on a range of topics.