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Holiday service

Having a feeding tube should not prevent you from living your life to its full potential including going on holiday either in the UK or abroad.

There is the potential for deliveries being made direct to the address that you are staying at during your holiday with the help of the Nutricia delivery service.  A minimum of 8 weeks' notice is needed to organise this. Please speak to your dietitian or the Nutricia Coordinator to find out more as depending on where you are travelling there maybe restriction in place.

If you are travelling abroad it is strongly recommend that patients travel with 5-7 days of feeding supplies, plus an enteral feeding pump due to unforeseen circumstances with customs.

If you wish to take your own feeding supplies with you on your holiday a travel trunk is available for patients to transport their feed and equipment in.

Please be aware that is you decide to take your own feeding supplies with when travelling abroad extra baggage allowance will be needed. Your dietitian can assist you with requesting extra baggage allowance.

For further information on travelling e.g. travel insurance with a feeding tube please visit the PINNT website.