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By improving your diet, exercise, smoking and alcohol consumption before surgery you can reduce post operative complications, spend less time in hospital and recover quicker.

Our prehabilitation service supports patients in preparing both physically and mentally for planned surgery. Patients can be referred to our service by health care professionals including doctors and nurses.

The aim of prehabilitation is to improve patients physical fitness, nutrition, and wellbeing through a 1 to 1 support programme. Most improvements can be achieved through simple lifestyle changes, like increasing physical activity, improving nutrition and reducing smoking or alcohol intake. This approach gives you the best chance of dealing with the stresses of medical treatments, including surgery, and the actions you take now could help you recover more quickly and reduce the time you spend in hospital. Please watch our video to find out more about our service and the ways you can prepare for surgery.

Watch our Prepare For Surgery film

Watch our video on how to prepare for surgery