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Education & Work

Your condition may have an impact on your education or work and it can be good to think about if there are ways that you can manage this. Arthritis in young people can be complex and vary from one person to another and you might find your symptoms vary from day to day. 

If you are in education you might find talking to your school, college or university helpful to see if they can put in place any ways to support you. You could also talk to your medical team for advice. JIA at NRAS have an individual Healthcare Plan and covering letter that can be useful for explaining your condition and medical needs to school.  It is a very generic letter so would need to be adapted for each individual patient.  You could discuss with your team and they will be able to help you fill it in if you need it.

Work is also important to think about, if you have joint pain you might find that your condition makes your working life harder. Good management of your condition should mean you are able to work and there are lots of benefits including giving you a sense of purpose, achievement and also financial. 

Telling your employer about your condition may help them to support you. It can be hard to get back into work if you are unemployed or not working for a period of time and so this can help you to succeed in what you do. 

You can find more information here and here.