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I'm ok - my condition doesn't stop me doing any of the things I want to do


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Transition in the Renal Service 

In the renal service we start the transition process with you when you are 13 years old so that you are fully prepared for when you transfer to adult services, when you are about 18 years old. 

Having a renal condition means you need to think about how you live and what you do. The transition process is important in helping you to become independent and to help you understand your condition and how to manage it so that you can remain as healthy as possible. This may just involve meetings with your Consultant Nephrologist but can also include the wider team such as the Renal Clinical Nurse Specialist or the Renal Psychologist. We want to ensure we have given you the necessary information and input from the team so that you are supported to start managing your condition now and can be independent in doing so in the future.

What will happen?

You will get to meet with your Consultant. Depending on your medical condition you may also meet with the Clinical Nurse Specialist and Psychologist.

We will talk about:

  • What it is like living with a kidney condition and how this may affect you in the future
  • Your kidney condition and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle (smoking, alcohol, drinking and eating).
  • Current medications and why these are important 
  • Your plans for the future including sexual health and pregnancy
  • Independence in seeing the Adult Nephrologist on your own and who to contact when you have any questions
  • Information you may need to know about the adult hospital, including a tour of the hospital.

Once you have decided with your consultant when you would like to move to adult services, a transfer letter will be completed by your Consultant that will detail your medical information. You will meet the adult Nephrologist prior to transfer either in a young people's transition clinic or during your routine clinic appointment with your Paediatric Nephrologist.