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Community midwifery

What we do

The University Hospital Bristol Community Midwifery Service is dynamic, forward thinking and aims at all times to provide high quality, evidence based care to all women and their families.

The service provides ante-natal and post-natal care throughout your pregnancy, either in the midwifery base or at home. Your midwife will discuss this with you when planning your next appointment or visit. Post-natal clinics where you can book an appointment to see the midwife after you have had your baby can be accessed at different venues across city. We also offer a home birth service, you can discuss this further with your midwife.

Parent education for your forthcoming birth is provided by the community midwives and you will be given information of the dates and how to attend these groups if you wish to.

One off specialist sessions for parents expecting twins are run at the hospital - please ask your midwife for dates.

Our teenage pregnancy midwife also offers support and advice for our younger mums.

Further information for patients

We would encourage all women who are pregnant to contact the midwifery service in their area via their GP surgery as early as possible. The surgery will be able to give you the telephone number for the midwifery team based in each area.

We recommend early booking before the end of the 12th week, as this allows us time to provide you with evidence based information and support to enable you to make informed decisions regarding the care you wish to receive. It also allows the midwife to plan care with you and your partner that is appropriate to meet your needs. Some women may require additional care at the hospital and this will be discussed with you and arranged.

The place where you wish to birth your baby will be discussed and at this early stage you may feel unable to make this decision. Your choices and options will be discussed with you by the midwife and you may feel you wish to wait and see how the pregnancy progresses.

Many women choose hospital to birth their baby, however home birth for most women remains a safe and effective option. Please talk to your midwife about this option.

If a home birth is not considered a safe option for you then the midwife and or consultant will discuss this option with you at your appointments.

Contact us

Should your care not be to the high standard we would expect or you have concerns please do not hesitate to discuss it with the midwifery team or you can contact the Rebecca Morgan the Community Midwifery matron at St Michael's by email at