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Understanding our clinical outcomes

Understanding more about the outcomes of surgical and catheter procedures at Bristol.

There is a national requirement for all specialised centres in the UK that treat children with congenital heart disease to submit data on their outcomes of surgical and catheter procedures. This outcome data is submitted as part of the National Congenital Heart Disease Audit (NCHDA), which is then independently administered and analysed by the National Institute for Cardiovascular Outcomes Research (UCL NICOR).

This information will tell you the overall numbers and the overall percentage chance of early (within 30 days) survival of the more common procedures carried out for congenital heart disease in the whole of the UK. The following link here  will give you a general account of the audit and this link here takes you to the congenital cardiac portal and the centre level information.

The NICOR data shows that Bristol continuously delivers good results. We know this because 30 day survival data for children who have undergone heart operations in Bristol lies within the expected range for the risk stratified population that we serve.

NICOR publishes data annually with data for the 2013/14 period currently being validated. This is expected to be published early in 2015.

The data, however, are not able to tell you the precise risk involved in a specific operation or procedure. This is dependent on the individual patient's circumstances such as age, general health and the specific detail of the heart abnormality. Your child's cardiologist or cardiac surgeon will be able to discuss these factors with you.

We also think it is important to tell you about the specific clinical results of our consultant and clinical teams responsible for your child's care. You will be given time to discuss treatment options with your child's heart specialist (cardiologist) - Please feel free to ask us if you have any questions - this will help you to fully understand the treatment being offered and the risks involved before you give your consent.

Information about congenital heart disease and a wide range of general advice for patients, families and professionals can be found on our Children's Cardiac Resources and Support page here.

Finally, further information and advice for adults living with congenital heart disease in the UK can be found on the Somerville Foundation website: