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Resources and support

Welcome to the patient and family resources and support page - here you will find all of the patient information leaflets that you may require during your journey. We have tried to make this section easier to access by grouping leaflets into specific patient journeys: antenatal, surgical, catheter and useful information.

Please contact the cardiac nurse specialists if you cannot find information or if you have any questions about the information contained in this section. 

Is your child coming in for a general anaesthetic?




Antenatal leaflets:

What is a fetal heart scan?

Having a baby at St Michaels Hospital

Induction of labour 

Welcome to the neonatal intensive care unit at St Michaels Hospital a practical guide for families

Welcome to the regional neonatal intensive care unit at St Michaels hospital

Cardiac Nurse Specialist

When your child gets better - discharge from PICU

Discharge advice following cardiac surgery

Cardiac surgery leaflets:

Preparing for heart surgery 

Cardiac surgery

Hypoplastic left heart syndrome

Modified blalock taussig shunt - information for parents and staff 

Cardiac catheterisation leaflets: 

Information about cardiac catheterisation

Electrophysiology leaflets:

Information about electrophysiology studies (EPS) and radio-frequency ablation

Advice for pacemaker patients 

Defibrillator advice 

Other useful leaflets:

Play Department

The story of Charlie and Freddie the nasogastric feeding tube

Healthy teeth make a safer heart