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Retina Service

What we do

The Retina Service provides diagnostic and treatment facilities for almost all conditions affecting the back of the eye. This includes the retina, the vitreous body, and the uvea (iris, ciliary body, and choroid). A management service for uveitis is offered to the whole South West Region. Treatments may be carried out on the day of appointment (eg laser treatment or intraocular injection for age-related macular degeneration), or booked for a subsequent visit.

Further information for patients

Outpatient clinics are held in the Richardson Cross Unit on the 2nd Floor of the Eye Hospital.

Patients are advised not to drive to their appointment, as drops to dilate the pupil are almost always required and these may significantly blur your vision.

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Immunosuppressant and Uveitis Team

Contact number for the answer phone: 01173421421 (checked 9-5 Monday to Friday)

Email address:

Conditions we treat

  • Complications of diabetic retinopathy
  • Age-related macular degeneration
  • Ocular inflammatory disease and inflammation associated with systemic and rheumatological disease
  • Retinal breaks and retinal detachment
  • Macular hole and epiretinal membrane
  • Injuries, including foreign bodies
  • Complications of cataract surgery
  • Macular translocation surgery

Treatments we offer

The treatments we offer can be medical treatment with drugs, laser treatment or surgery. Patients need to be referred by their GP or by the eye department of another hospital.

Contact us

The secretary for the Retina Service can be contacted on 0117 342 1400.

Referral information for clinicians