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The team

The SW Aftercare Team is made up of doctors, a nurse specialist and a Macmillan support worker. Once you have attended clinic, you will be provided with a treatment summary for your records and an up to date care plan outlining the information that was discussed during the consultation. This information is also shared with your GP so that they are aware of your healthcare needs.

Macmillan Support Worker

Macmillan support workers are not nurses, but are allied health professionals (AHPs) that work with nurses and doctors to try and improve your wellbeing. As well as helping you to access local services, they can also provide information on how to deal with the long-term physical and psychological effects of treatment, and how you can get in touch with healthcare professionals if you have any concerns. The Macmillan support worker is also your first point of contact for the service should you have any questions or queries related to your aftercare.

Macmillan Support Worker: Divya Bassi

 Divya Bassi

Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS)

CNS's working within Aftercare hold many years of experience of cancer and its treatment. They have specialist knowledge on living with and beyond a cancer diagnosis and the long term effects that the treatment can have. Their assessment will include determining your level of understanding of your previous diagnosis and treatment including a discussion about healthy lifestyle issues and a review of any new problems, current medical treatment and the health of your family.

Aftercare Clinical Nurse Specialist: Ruth Elson


Rachel Cox

Aftercare Doctors

The doctors who will review you within an Aftercare clinic are experts in treating patients with cancer and the long term effects that they can cause. They undertake a detailed review of your previous treatment and a discussion of what this means for your future health. The doctor will be able to answer any questions you may have and will undertake a physical examination as appropriate related to the things you have discussed together. Before the consultation ends, the doctor will talk to you about the next steps and agree your care plan with you.

Aftercare consultants: Dr Rachel Cox (Service lead) and Dr Rachel Dommett, Dr Adam Gassas 


 Rachel Cox

Dr Dommett

Dr Adam Gassas


Endocrine Doctors

If you have possible (or already established) hormone problems, you may also see another doctor who is an endocrinologist (hormone specialist). This review will take place separately to your other consultations but will be held in the same location and on the same day if possible. You will receive a separate letter with information about this appointment and the doctor will send an additional letter to you and your GP to outline what was discussed.

Endocrine consultants: Dr Karin Bradley and Dr Bushra Ahmad 

 Karin Bradley