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What patients tell us about UH Bristol

Patient Feedback at UH Bristol

At UH Bristol, we believe that it essential to listen to people's experiences of our services. This can help us to understand what we do well and the things that we need to improve. We have a number of channels through which people can give us feedback, including:

Quarterly Patient Experience and Involvement Report  

Every three months we produce a report that takes an in-depth look at the patient feedback we receive. This is reviewed by our Senior Leadership Team and Trust Board. The latest report can be accessed here:

Quarterly Patient Experience and Involvement Report

National Patient Surveys

UH Bristol services also compare favourably to those provided at other NHS Acute Trusts across the country. This link provides the latest results from the Care Quality Commission's national patient surveys.

The Friends and Family Test Survey

The government launched the "Friends & Family Test" survey across NHS Acute Trusts in April 2013. The survey is aimed at inpatients, day case patients, outpatients, and maternity service-users. 

If you have been a patient at our Trust you can participate in the Friends and Family Test survey by clicking on the following link: Whilst the survey is primarily aimed at patients, we welcome feedback from all people who come into contact with our services. If you are completing this survey as a parent, relative, friend or carer - please let us know by writing this in the comments space within the questionnaire, alongside any other feedback you have. If you have visited an outpatient clinic or emergency department, you may receive an SMS asking you to complete the FFT online. If you would prefer not to receive this message, please tell reception staff.

A summary score from this survey is provided in our Quarterly Patient Experience report and on the NHS Choices website (see above links), with more detailed results available here: Friends & Family Test.

Other feedback

The NHS Choices Website has a facility for people to leave comments about their experience at a hospital. The UH Bristol part of this website can be found here (click through to individual hospitals to access the patient comments): NHS Choices