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How will my involvement make a difference?

Patient experience 4

When you tell us about your care with us, it really does make a difference. We can already point to very good examples of how patient's and carer's comments have been used to improve the patient experience at the Trust. 

  • Feedback from patients and carers has shaped the way we provide patient information on our wards: a new 'Welcome Guide' reflects the information patients and carers told us they wanted to see. 
  • Feedback we received from carers of patients with Dementia has been instrumental in the Trust purchasing ward based 'reminiscence pods'.
  • An Ophthalmology Paediatric Service project involved parents and children/young people in a review of the surgical service, informing the development and design of the new paediatric outpatient department.
  • Young people were involved in the development of the Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire (BNSSG) self-assessment framework for the transition of patients with long term conditions from paediatric to adult services.
  • Patient feedback about the level of noise at night on the wards has resulted in a plan to install quiet closing bins on all wards.
  • Members of the Bristol Physical Access Chain and Healthwatch are involved in making sure our new Patient Catering Booklet offers the right information for patients.
  • Members of the Bristol Physical Access Chain and Healthwatch have also been involved in the design of our new Welcome Centre to make sure it is accessible to people with physical and sensory impairments.
  • We are working with the Patients Association to ask people about their experiences of using our complaints process.
  • Trust members, patients and members of the public have been commenting on the quality of our services and our plans for the future at public meetings.