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Youth Involvement Group

Hello from the Youth Involvement Group!

We are a group of young people who want to use our voice to shape how the hospitals run. We meet together to share our thoughts, experiences and ideas about how to improve the hospitals for young people.

As part of making change two of the Youth Involvement Group members are also young governors; they represent our thoughts, ideas and opinions to the board of governors and alongside those of young people in the hospital and the Bristol and South West.

Alongside sharing our priorities and ideas there are lots of projects that we get involved in. These have included:

  • Working with the medical simulation centre to learn about clinical skills and develop an open day for other young people
  • Taking part in ward inspections
  • Getting involved in recruitment through being part of interview panels
  • Contributing to the Trust Strategy for the next 5 years.
  • Creating resources for young people
  • Learning about and interviewing staff about their roles in the hospital

Members of our Youth Involvement Group have been involved in national projects alongside those in the hospital including helping develop NICE guidelines  that look at how hospitals support and care for young people, influencing health priorities through the NHS Youth Forum and meeting with the CEO of the NHS!


Why join the Youth Involvement Group?

Petrina, a member of the group shares why she got involved:

'I joined the Youth Involvement Group in order to gain an insight into the Trust and be able to contribute to its running. All the meetings and activities that I have taken part in have been really engaging and relevant: for instance I was part of the group who visited a teenage ward in the BRI and we made suggestions for the design of a new communal room. I was also given the opportunity to attend a public talk by the Trust regarding its sustainability: it was fascinating to hear the steps being taken but also shocking to learn of the complexities of achieving the zero carbon target. I always look forward to Youth Involvement Group meetings as it is a place where our opinions are valued, and we can make a change'

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Young Governors

Young Governors are appointed every year and members of the Youth Involvement Group can apply for this role. This is a great opportunity to both learn how the hospital works, develop new skills and confidence and have an impact on shaping the future of the Trust. Some of the experiences that this has involved recently for the Young Governors includes:

  • Speaking at the Board of Governors meetings
  • Judging our staff awards
  • Attending and contributing to the BAME staff Forum
  • Visiting the helipad
  • Learning about the Trust Sustainability Strategy
  • Voting on major trust projects including the development of UHBW.

How to join:

If you are 11-21 years old and interested in finding out more or joining you can contact the Young Persons Involvement Worker by emailing or