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Bristol Testicular Cancer Service
Information, support and awareness of testicular cancer in Bristol and the South West.

Frequently asked questions


Will I receive confirmation that the patient I have referred has been seen?

All patients who are seen by the Bristol Testicular Cancer Service team will send a copy of the first consultation annotation to the patient's GP and referring urologist.

The patient I am about to operate on has severe back pain - should I continue?

It is advisable to contact one of the consultants and discuss the case prior to surgery as this patient may be at High Risk. The team may decide the best option for the patient is to have chemotherapy immediately without histological confirmation.

What do I do if the patient would like to store sperm storage prior to surgery?

Bristol Testicular Cancer Team are able to arrange sperm storage Monday to Friday, but not as yet, out of hours. There is a Standard Operating Procedure for sperm storage, the Germ Cell CNS and the BHOC outpatient nurses are happy to arrange this for you. Patients can have relevant virology blood tests carried out locally, however the pre-storage funding from PCT's for sperm storage for the service is based at Bristol Centre for Reproductive Medicine at Southmead Hospital.

What do I do if the patient refuses to be referred to Bristol because of the distance?

We know that patients who have testicular care fare better if they are seen by a specialist team; this is explained to all patients during their first consultation. The Germ Cell CNS is able to get financial help with travel expenses, especially if the patient requires chemotherapy. We can also refund travel fares and reduce parking costs, details are available on the

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