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Psychological Health Services

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Welcome to Psychological Health Services (PHS) and Neuropsychology. We are a team of psychologists who offer a range of help and support. We offer input for patients and their families, including children, young people and adults who are managing a physical health condition. This may involve helping you to cope with:

  • Adjusting to and managing a physical health condition
  • Making decisions about your treatment or the care offered to your child
  • Coming into hospital for assessment or treatment

To help understand your needs we may ask you to come in for psychological and or neuropsychological assessments. We will talk to you about this and how the information can help plan the next steps of your care. 

We also work with hospital medical and surgical teams to develop information and resources to help you manage your care and to support you with access assessments and treatment. These resources are available at this link.  In some healthcare teams, there will be specific psychological support available as part of your care.  This could include a variety of options to meet your specific needs, ranging from individual 1:1 sessions, telephone support and group work.

 How do I find out what is available to me?

You can find out whether your healthcare team has access to psychological support by asking the healthcare professionals in your hospital team. However, if psychological support is not available, your healthcare team will be able to direct you to the most appropriate source of support. You can also find valuable toolkits and resources to help you here as well as further information about what we offer. 

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