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Hospital passport

Hospital passport may 2017The Hospital Passport is a document to support the care of adults with learning disabilities and autism when going to hospital. The aim of the Hospital Passport is to provide our staff with information about yourself and your carers during a hospital visit (if you are having difficulties completing the Hospital Passport, please seek the support of your parent or carer). This information will help us work in partnership with you and your carers in meeting your needs when using our hospital services.   

The Hospital Passport uses a traffic light system. This means that all essential information about you must be written in the red section, this will alert staff to any extremely important information or specific requirements you might have or your parent/carer may need.  The amber section is for important information about your day-to-day activities and finally information about your likes and dislikes can be documented in the green section.   

Download the Adult Hospital Passport here. This document requires Adobe Reader 8 or above. To view this document, please download Adobe Reader from Details on the Children's Hospital Passport can be found here.

If you decide to return the Hospital Passport to us electronically you will first need to save a blank copy of the document to your computer.  Then you will need to complete the document and send an e-mail to and add the Hospital Passport as an attachment.  You will then receive an automated response informing you that we have received your email. Please be aware that you will be emailing confidential information about yourself or in support of the individual and the email you send is only as secure as the service provider you use.  If you do not receive confirmation from us then please contact us. 

Please ensure that Hospital Passports are returned at least five working days before your planned admission date to allow us time for processing.

We will try to have the Hospital Passport to hand when you arrive, however, there may be situations where this is not possible so please let staff know if you have a hospital passport and if they are able to print a copy. 

We ask that you keep your hospital passport up-to-date. As a guide we recommend:

  • A review every six months
  • At your annual health check

If you have difficulty completing it or require additional support please contact the learning disabilities specialist liaison nurse and autism lead on 0117 342 1707.