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Permanent hearing loss

Approximately 1-2 in 1000 babies are born with a permanent hearing loss. Around the same number of children are predicted to go onto to develop a permanent hearing loss during childhood. Hearing loss can affect one or both ears.

Permanent hearing losses in children can be assisted and improved through the use of hearing aids. For children with permanent hearing loss early intervention is important. Children who receive early intervention and use the recommended hearing device during all waking hours will develop better speech and language skills than those who don't. Early intervention has proven to be critical. Assisting your child from within the first few months of their life has huge benefits for their long term development. You can download our information leaflets below.

Your child's hearing loss - Unilateral (affecting one ear)

Your child's hearing loss - Bilateral (affecting both ears)

Later identification of hearing loss 

Management Options - Unilateral Hearing Loss