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Parent to parent support

If you've found out that your baby or child has hearing loss, you might like to chat with another parent who has been through a similar experience. Each parent volunteer has a child with some kind of hearing loss from mild to profound, on one side or both.   

You might want to chat to another parent about:

  • Websites, information and support that they found useful
  • How their child is doing now they are a bit older
  • How you're feeling at this time
  • Tips for keeping hearing aids in
  • Ways to connect with other local parents

and anything else that comes to mind.

Where will I speak to them?

You can chat on the phone or video call, or they can join you for a walk, meet you at a café or at your home. Others prefer to just reach out via text message from time to time. You tell us what works best for you.

If you would like to be connected to a parent volunteer you can:

Text Hannah on 07966 341029, email or register on the website 

Full communication support can be offered if English is not your first language.

If you would like to find out more, you can also speak to your audiologist or hearing support teacher.