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My child's referral

If your child is referred to our service due to concern about their hearing, then they will be seen for an assessment of their hearing and middle ear function. The hearing test will be appropriate to the age and ability of your child. The degree and nature of any hearing loss is confirmed as quickly as possible (which sometimes may take more than one visit) and the effect of any hearing loss on the child is evaluated.

Referral options

There are a number of ways a child can be referred to our service. These include:

  • GP
  • Paediatrician or consultant
  • Health visitor, school nurse or community nursery nurse
  • Other health professionals, e.g. speech and language therapist
  • Parental referral

Your child has been referred for hearing assessment, what happens next?

When your child's referral arrives in the Children's Hearing Centre (CHC) we will establish the most appropriate clinic for your child's appointment.

We will send you an appointment by post. If you are unable to attend this appointment, please contact us as soon as possible to re arrange the appointment. This prevents a waiting list being generated and ensures we can offer your child their first appointment within four weeks.

Your child's information

Part of your child's record is kept electronically. Professionals from other agencies e.g. an educational audiologist has access to this information in order to provide the best ongoing care for children who have a hearing loss. Please inform us if you do not agree to this. You can withdraw your agreement at any time. On occasion we may ask you if a student or other member of staff can join us for your child's appointment.