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If you suspect that the hearing aid is faulty or damaged, follow the quick troubleshooting guide below.




No sound

1)      Change the battery, ensuring that it is inserted correctly and that the tab has been removed.

2)      Try a battery from a new batch if problem continues.

3)      Detach the earmould from hearing aid and see if the tubing or earhook is blocked with wax. If problem persists contact the Children's Hearing Centre.

Whistling (feedback) whilst in the ear

1)      Objects such as hats, hoods, coats, car seats, buggy or high chairs coming into close contact with the hearing aid can cause temporary feedback. Check that such objects are not the cause of the feedback.

2)      Check the earmould and tubing are clear of wax. Clean if necessary.

3)      Block the earmould with your finger and check if the whistling stops.  If the whistling stops, either:

  • Your child's ear canal is blocked with wax. Start using sodium bicarbonate drops in your child's ear and arrange an appointment at the earmould clinic.
  • The earmould is too small for his/her ear. Try to temporarily reduce the whistling by trying Otoferm creme to improve the seal in the ear (provided in your 'hearing aid kit bag') and arrange for your child to have a new earmould made.

If the whistling continues whilst blocking the earlould with your finger, return the hearing aid to the Children's Hearing Centre*.

Any other fault or damage

The hearing aid must be returned to the Children's Hearing Centre*.

Please do not attempt to repair the device yourself as this will void the manufacturer warranty.


*To return a hearing aid to the Children's Hearing Centre:

  • Post. The hearing aid can be posted to the Children's Hearing Centre with an accompanying note stating your child's name, address and the suspected fault. On receipt of the aid a replacement hearing aid will be posted to you typically within 48hrs. Please post hearing aid(s) in sturdy and protective packaging.
  • Drop-off. The hearing aid can be delivered in person to the Children's Hearing Centre and a replacement will be provided. If you chose this option you MUST phone in advance to ensure an audiologist is available to program a replacement aid and arrange a collection time.

If your child has a coloured hearing aid, every effort is made to replace it with a hearing aid of the same colour when possible. However, if your child's colour preference is not in stock alternatives will be offered.