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Technology plays a big role in all of our lives. There are many products which can assist children and young adults who have a hearing loss. There are devices and equipment that can be helpful around the home, at school/ college and socialising with friends.

Products and Equipment

Connevans offer a wide range products and specialise in equipment for deaf and hard of hearing people and offer a variety of audio products.

FM Systems

FM Systems are provided through the sensory support service. Further information regarding FM systems can be obtained from your Hearing Support Teacher


Telephone number: 0117 9038442


NDCS provide free booklets on 'How technology can help' for families of deaf children aged 0-5 6-18 and  19-25. You can ask your Audiologist for a copy. Technology changes frequently, so it is recommended that you also refer back to the webpages for updates: NDCS - technology.

In addition, you can borrow a range of assistive technology such as alarm clocks and headphones for free and trail a range of Phonak products through the NDCS.