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Hearing aid(s) for Glue Ear

A hearing aid is an effective treatment for the hearing impairment and will only be used for the time until the glue ear clears away. This happens when the Eustachian tube widens, and the drainage of the middle ear improves. Your child's hearing will be monitored routinely, to check for any changes.

What is a behind the ear hearing aid?

This type of hearing aid is a small, wearable electronic device designed to improve hearing by making some sounds louder and improving speech clarity. The hearing aid sits behind the ear and delivers amplified sound into the ear canal via a custom made earmould. Your child's hearing aid(s) are selected and programmed by an audiologist at the Children's Hearing Centre (CHC) according to the hearing test results to suit the hearing loss for each ear. Your child's hearing levels will continually be reassessed and changes to the programming will be made as required. Hearing aid features will be activated/selected specifically for your child depending on their age and hearing loss. The hearing aid(s) provided are high quality, digital hearing aids and are available in a variety of colours. Hearing aids are provided (on loan) free of charge to all children on the NHS.

Download our guide for parents of children with glue ear here.