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Children's interactive website
Visit our interactive website designed for young patients between the ages of 8-12. You'll find lots of information about what happens at the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children, and some fun activities too.
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National Deaf Children's Society (NDCS)
The National Deaf Children's Society provides support, information and advice for deaf children, young people and their families.
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The Family Centre (Deaf Children)
The Family Centre (Deaf Children) is a small local charity supporting over 190 families that have a deaf child or deaf parent.
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Hearing aids

The type of hearing aid that will be suitable for your child will depend on the type and level of deafness they have. Hearing aids are recommended as they make sounds louder and improve your child's access to hearing speech clearly and to hear every day sounds around them. Your audiologist will advise you on the most suitable hearing aid for your child. The NHS provides a range of good quality digital hearing aids.

It is important to remember that hearing aids will make sounds louder and clearer but depending on your child's hearing loss, they cannot restore 'normal' hearing. A child with a hearing loss may still struggle to hear if the person speaking is too far away or if they are not facing them. Also if there is a lot of background noise they still may find hearing difficult.

Some children have a temporary hearing aid(s), e.g. to help with hearing while a child has glue ear and some children have a hearing aid(s) for a  permanent hearing loss. Digital hearing aids have advanced features that mean they can be programmed to match your child's hearing loss.

A hearing aid is an electronic device which works by:

  • Picking up sounds through a microphone
  • Making sounds louder electronically within the hearing aid
  • Sending the amplified sounds into the ear via tubing and an ear mould

Each child's digital hearing aid is specially selected and programmed to suit his/her individual hearing loss in each ear. 

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