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Green Impact

Our team are working towards becoming more sustainable as department within UHBW Trust. Being green as a team is part of the wider NHS Sustainability Initiative and commitments to climate action. We complete actions that form a 'Workbook for Green Impact', organised by the National Union of Students (NUS) in partnership with the NHS. Click here for more info on our Trust's commitment to sustainability and here for info on what is happening within UHBW.

What we are doing in Children's Hearing (CHC)

  • Recycling more- removing domestic waste paper bins and ensuring we dispose of all waste properly
  • Travelling more sustainably- walking for part of the commute, cycling, using the bus/train
  • Switching off- at work and at home when not using equipment/lights/devices/computers/monitors
  • Reducing single use- reusing cups and bottles, those who are working at home are also completing actions such as printer cartridge recycling, taking part in plastic free July
  • Promoting wellbeing through accessing and using green spaces and raising money for a local charity

How this helps

Everyone can do something to help us to become more sustainable and contribute more positively to our environment, reducing our environmental impact. Many actions are applicable from home as well as from working at the hospital.

How you can help

When you visit the department:

  • Try and get here in a sustainable way or park further away and walk the last bit.
  • Use the stairs (if you can) instead of the lift
  • Use the correct waste bins and separate waste, recycle where possible OR take your rubbish home
  •  Switch off devices, equipment, computers and monitors, chargers and lights at home when not in use and don't leave devices on standby.
  • Use a reusable water bottle and try not to buy single use plastic or try to bulk buy some items.
  • Recycle well- including your ink cartridges through this website and you can donate to the Trust's charity by doing so!
  • Go outdoors to enjoy the greenspace around you and support your mental, physical and emotional health.

How to start: Pick one thing and start with changing that, giving you the motivation to carry on and add more actions. Anything we can all do helps.

Suggestions from you

Please let us know if you have any suggestions for us as a team as we look to reduce our environmental impact. Please also let us know if you want to donate to our local charity choice.

Thanks for reading! Children's Hearing Centre Green Impact Sustainability Team