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Caterpillar Ward - E510

About Us

Caterpillar Ward is the paediatric medical ward predominantly caring for children aged 0-12 years with varying medical conditions, illnesses and needs. Our patients are usually admitted through the Children's Emergency Department, Seahorse Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) or as planned admissions. We are located on level 5 of the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children and have 32 beds, with 6 high dependency beds.

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The team dressed as 'The Cat in the Hat' to celebrate #conversations week Sept 16


Philosophy of the ward

Our patients can be with us for a short, one off stay or alternatively a longer period of time and as such we have a child-centred approach which takes into account the needs of each individual patient. Central to our philosophy is the provision of a high standard of nursing care within a happy and child friendly environment. Parents, carers and siblings are welcome and encouraged to participate in the child's care as much as they wish.

Parent and Patient Facilities

There are two small kitchen areas, one on either side of the ward, which parents can use to prepare light meals. There is also a relatives room, with access to an outside area. We have a microwave, fridge and kettle as well as communal tea/coffee. Most cubicles have an ensuite facility. Patients in bays and cubicles without can utilise a shared bathroom.

Play Facilities

Other than the main hospital Activity Centre which is open to all hospital patients, there is a ward-based play room children can access any time if they feel well enough. There are a wide range of activities suitable for all ages. We also keep a selection of toys and craft activities for your use on the ward. We also have lots of sensory equipment which babies and children and young people with complex needs really enjoy. We ask that parents please supervise children whenever they visit the ward play room.

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Day in the Life

I am a patient aged 10 on Caterpillar Ward. I am lucky because I have my own room with a television and my own bathroom. When I wake up in the morning I have my breakfast and then I go to school or the teachers come to see me in my room.  After school I spend some time playing with the play specialist; I enjoy painting the most. 

After lunch I sometimes have some exercises to do with my Physiotherapist.  When I have taken all my medicine and done my exercises I can go to the play centre. When I'm in the play centre I like to play on the with with other children or with my Mummy or Daddy. When it's not raining I really like to go outside in the play centre garden.  I can go the play centre everyday if I want to and see some of the other children who are in hospital. We can play with anything we want to and it's really good fun. 

In the afternoon I have a bath. I love having a bath and I stay in for as long as I can! After my tea I can go to Radio Lollipop. I like going here because I can play with other children and pick the music.  Then it's nearly time for bed.  Sometimes my nurse will read me a story before I go to sleep.

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Contact details

Caterpillar side A - 0117 342 8348 

Caterpillar side B - 0117 3428333

Caterpillar Main Desk - 0117 342 8338

For more information about the hospital and your stay please visit the General Information page