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Frenchay After Burns Club (FAB)

The FAB Club is an independent fundraising charity whose aim is simple: to provide ongoing support to burn-injured children and their families from injury through to adulthood.

Each year more than 300 children from all across the region are admitted to Bristol Royal Hospital for Children's paediatric burns unit. A burn injury can be a traumatic and devastating experience, both physically and emotionally. Children may have to cope with embarrassment and staring, and may also require frequent hospital admissions and operations until they stop growing.

Unlike any other injury, burns and scalds may leave a life-long scar, which reminds everyone of the trauma they have been through. The children must also grow up knowing their body image is different, knocking their confidence when growing up is stressful enough. FAB's support helps the children realise that their hopes and dreams are still the same as any other child, and just as achievable. With continued support, positive encouragement and the courage and determination that has helped them so far, we hope to see their dreams realised.

What activities do they offer?

  • Parties
  • Fun family days out and special events
  • Weekend camps
  • Week camps
  • Fundraising events

The days out and the parties are for all members. The camps are for children aged from 8-18 years old who have suffered burn injuries.

What are Burns Camps?
Burns camps involve staying away from home for up to five days at an activity centre, where the children meet up with each other to talk and share experiences. They also make new friends with children in a similar situation, but above all they have fun. Activities may include: Canoeing, cycling, high ropes, climbing, abseiling, archery, arts and crafts and raft building.
For more information about FAB, please visit