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08 May 2018

Ward name changes at the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children

As part of plans to help people find their way around our hospitals, the names of wards and departments at the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children (BRHC) are changing during May 2018 - and our Trust map has now been updated to reflect this.

Please note that your appointment letter may still feature the old location name. If you're unsure where you are going please ask a member of staff at our children's hospital or ask for a leaflet outlining the old and new names.

The improvements at BRHC follow the division of some of our other hospitals into zones with the children's hospital becoming Zone E.

The names of wards and departments at the children's hospital are slightly different to the other zoned hospitals to help appeal to the children and young people who visit.

So, as well as each ward and department being given a number relating to which floor they are on and where they are within the hospital, many of the locations at BRHC have also been given a new friendly name accompanied by artwork.

All of the new names and artwork have been developed with input from patients, their families and our staff and will help people find their way around the hospital.

The children's hospital plans to use the new names of the wards as their primary name, supported by the location numbers.

There will be no changes to the teams, location of wards or services, and care of patients will not be affected.

If you would like further information or support please contact our LIAISE team on 0117 342 8065.


New ward names May 18