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25 June 2018

UH Bristol commit to reducing waste to landfill

UH Bristol is committing to becoming a more sustainable organisation by reducing our reliance on plastics and reducing the amount of waste being sent to landfill.

This is in line with the NHS Carbon Reduction Strategy, which will see the Trust aim to reduce carbon emissions by 28%, from a 2013/14 baseline by 2020.

The hope is that by reducing waste and increasing recycling, the Trust will be able save money which can be invested back into patient care.

UH Bristol is constantly striving to improve its sustainability credentials and can announce it is:

  • Introducing dry mixed recycling bins into all public areas of the Trust by October 2018.
  • Introducing dry mixed recycling bins into all staff areas that do not currently have any by October 2018, and making this a requirement of waste disposal options in all areas.
  • Removing all 'personal' office bins Trust-wide and replacing with communal waste disposal areas by October 2018.
  • Introducing takeaway cup recycling bins Trust-wide by October 2018.
  • Reducing the use of single-use plastics e.g. straws, cutlery, cups, to only those that are medically needed by 2020.

Alexandra Heelis, sustainability officer, said: "Plastic is an extraordinary material which is a vital part of modern healthcare.  However, the current production and disposal of plastic has a significant environmental impact.

"UH Bristol needs to deliver safe and cost effective healthcare whilst recognising this impact.  The new measures will have a positive impact not only financially and environmentally but also on our staff, patients and the local community."