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09 May 2012

Building work brings major changes to patient drop off area between children's hospital and BRI

From Monday 14 May to Friday 22 June, there will be major changes to the patient drop off area between the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children (BRHC) and the Bristol Royal Infirmary (BRI).

The changes are caused by building work to redevelop the BRI and build an extension to the BRHC. The £110 million investment will greatly improve the hospital environment for patients and enable specialist children's services currently delivered at Frenchay Hospital, to move to the children's hospital.

Andy Headdon, Strategic Development Programme Director for University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust (UH Bristol) said: "We realise that some patients and visitors will find these changes inconvenient but we are doing our best to warn patients before they travel to our hospitals, to keep disruption to a minimum and put alternatives in place wherever we can." 

For six weeks from Monday 14 May, a staffed barrier will be put up to prevent drivers entering the area between the children's hospital and the BRI. The barrier will be in place from 07h30 - 16h30 from Monday to Friday during the six-week period. Drivers will only be allowed through in emergencies or if they are dropping off children with mobility difficulties who are patients at the BRHC.

A new area has been created for drivers dropping off adult patients with mobility difficulties. This new area is in front of the physiotherapy department further down Marlborough Street beyond the bus stop. Drop off spaces will be available in this area and patients will be able to enter the hospital through the physiotherapy department. Staff will be on hand to greet and direct patients.

Andy Headdon said: "We are asking all other patients for the BRI and the children's hospital to avoid driving into the hospital precinct, to use nearby car parks and the free hospital bus wherever possible. It is essential that we keep traffic away from the area between the BRI and the children's hospital except for those patients who really need access."

"We will continually assess how the new access arrangements are working and make any changes that are needed. Please check our website for further details."