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31 January 2012

Bristol General Hospital Hosts Two Information Days on Tinnitus Awareness and Hearing Awareness

Bristol General Hospital (BGH) is hosting two information days:  a Tinnitus Awareness and Information Day on Wednesday 8th February and a Hearing Awareness and Information Day on Tuesday 6 March.  Both events will be held in the Windsor Room at the BGH between 10.30am and 3pm. 

Tinnitus is a condition that leaves sufferers hearing noises in their ears or head when there is no external noise present; and the Hearing Awareness event is aimed at those interested in knowing more about hearing loss and what can be done to help.  Both these conditions can affect anyone of any age and these events will give people the chance to talk, find out more and explore some of the equipment that's available. 

Says highly specialist hearing therapist Sue Wyatt-Jones:  "Both information days at the General are for the public and GPs to pick up useful information relating to tinnitus and deafness - ranging from the help available, the equipment that can support people in their daily lives, and the opportunity to talk to health professionals who care for people with these conditions.  Last year's Tinnitus Awareness event was really well received so this year we decided to build on that experience, make it bigger and better, and offer the public a further awareness day focusing on hearing loss. The Hearing Information Day is also offering the chance of an informal lip-reading session by Mary Hall and a talk by Libby Sheppard, information officer for Action on Hearing Loss."

To register or for more information contact 0117 342 6153 or email: