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Professor Raimondo Ascione


Professor Raimondo Ascione

Professor Raimondo Ascione
Current Post:   Professor of Cardiac Surgery and Translational Research
Hon Consultant Cardiac Surgeon
Specialties:   Adult Cardiac Surgery
Medical qualifications:   MD, ChM, FRCS ad eundeum, FRCS CTh (equiv)


Date of registration:  

Italian Medical Council registration: April 1994
GMC registration: April 1997

Membership of professional bodies:  

The Society of Cardiothoracic Surgery in Great Britain and Ireland
The European Association of Cardiothoracic Surgery
The American Association of Thoracic Surgery
The European Society of Cardiology






Special clinical interests:  

Most of my surgical practice is based on a multidisciplinary clinical management approach. This includes close collaboration with experts senior Cardiologists, Radiologists, and Anaesthetists of the Bristol Heart Institute Hospital.

My surgical expertises include:
Mitral Valve Repair (>90% success repair rate; >300 cases performed since 2005 with a survival of >99%) including VATS minimally invasive approach.

Beating Heart Coronary Bypass Surgery (>95% of coronary bypass practice; >1000 procedures performed since 2002 with 99% survival).

Left Ventricular Surgery in patients with previous large heart attack leading to heart failure.

Surgical Ablation of Atrial Fibrillation


Professional profile/background:  

Prof Ascione spends his clinical time leading theatre lists (approx 165 adult cardiac procedures per year), local and outreach clinics and labour ward rounds.  He is on call for emergencies 1:12, including weekends. The main strength of his clinical practice continues to be the consistency of his surgical performance which compares well with the UK and EU standards for all inclusive surgical procedures over the last five years.  His expertise in Mitral Valve Repair surgery has projected the BHI within the top 5 centres into the UK this type of surgery.

Academically, he is the current Chairman of the Bristol Heart Institute Research Steering Committee (> 250 research members spanning across 3 Faculties and 3 NHS Trusts in Bristol).

Prof Ascione has co-led the validation and translation process of the technique of beating heart coronary surgery (OPCAB surgery) via a sequence of >10 randomised trials and >10 large cohort analyse. He is the Chief Investigator of two world-first trials using stem cells for myocardial repair in patients with acute or chronic MI undergoing surgery; further clinical research he is leading focuses on reducing postoperative complications in patients with diabetes mellitus and on lung, cardiac, and kidney protection during surgery.

He has a total of > 200 publications including 107 Pubmed-censed publications, seven book chapters, 21 refereed Conference Contributions, 18 Reviews and Editorials and > 50 publications reports in the media or internet. His publications are internationally outstanding (total impact factor: >500; H-index 26); his research work has inspired others (Total citation: >2,800).

Prof Ascione has contributed to a total of 16 successful Grants, 1 Capital bid, 1 Senior Lecturer Fellowship, 2 Clinical Academic Fellowships, and 1 Scholarship for a total of approx £17m.

In his spare time he enjoys opera, painting and cooking.



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