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Career development
Examples of career development in the Trust
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Preceptorship Programme
This trustwide programme has been designed to support the transition from being a student to now a qualified practitioner.
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Training and career development

children trainAt University Hospitals Bristol Foundation Trust we recognise and support the role education and training have in providing the delivery of high quality care on a sustainable basis, in creating an active learning culture and in the development of the future of healthcare. Our vision is to enable our staff to deliver exceptional patient care through our excellence in education and our culture of continuous learning and development.

We work dynamically with local networks and academic institutions including the  University of BristolUniversity of West of England and  Health Education South West.

Areas of work include partnership projects supporting new and better quality treatments and approaches to improving health, shaping education curriculum developments, ensuring patient and professional voices are clearly heard and reflected in developments as well as supporting these partners' excellence and reputation through education in service of future health professionals.

How do I know what training/ learning I need?

In addition to having your job description and job personal specifications, all employees should expect to receive an annual appraisal with their line manager, which is key to identifying your training and development needs.

How do I know what training development there is available?


We have academic and clinical strengths which include cardiovascular, dental, emergency medicine, endocrinology, oncology, ophthalmology, maternity, paediatrics and neonatal intensive care (NICU), rheumatology and surgery. In having an active learning culture we provide training and development in a variety of ways in many formats. This can be simply shadowing a colleague, attending local teaching sessions to undertaking a master's degree.

Each Division will have specific training and development opportunities tailored to their speciality.

What is the next step?

In the first instance, discuss with your line manager. They will be able to provide further information should you require funding or study leave.

 See below for individual career development in the Trust

Ward sister
Find out about Alicia's career development in our Trust.
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Lead nurse
Read about Jamie's career development in our Trust.
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Specialist nurse
Find out about Rachel's career development in our Trust.
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