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Restorative referral form and information for student treatment

Patients who require non-complex routine dentistry may be taken on by the undergraduate dental student programme for teaching and training purposes. Our undergraduate students carry out gum treatment, fillings, dentures, root canal fillings, crowns and bridgework 

The service is free of charge and treatment is provided by a dedicated team of staff and students from Bristol Dental School, one of the top dental schools in the U.K. All student treatment is closely supervised by qualified clinical staff. This service operates most days of the week, but patients will need to commit to lengthy appointments and be available to attend appointments on most days of the week.  

These treatment items change according to the educational needs of the dental students and cannot be guaranteed to be available. Patients will only be accepted if they suit the needs of the undergraduate teaching programme at the time of referral. 

Patients will be required to attend a 'New Patient Assessment Clinic' for a brief dental examination. Their suitability for dental undergraduate treatment will be assessed. There is no guarantee they will be accepted for treatment. For patients who are accepted, they will be discharged at the end of a course of treatment and will not receive continuing dental care. 

What types of patients are suitable for student treatment? 

The following patients are NOT suitable for restorative student clinics. Please check your patient against these exclusions before referring. 

  • UK resident for less than 12 months 
  • Unable to commit to lengthy appointments, requires / expects quick treatment, cannot attend most days of the week 
  • Severe dental anxiety / phobia, unable to accept dental anaesthetic 
  • Severe behavioural / personality / communication difficulties 
  • Excessively complex medical history 
  • Dental needs that cannot be managed within a normal dental setting, or requires specialist care 
  • Significant changes to the bite are required 
  • Requires dental implants 
  • Requires dental extractions only i.e. no dentures or fillings 
  • Requires any dental care that is not suitable/too complex to be provided by dental undergraduate.

If you would like to be assessed for student treatment, you should download and complete a restorative referral form for student treatment: clinician referralCompleted forms should be emailed or posted to the address shown on the form. 

Further Information 

Further information about this service can be found in our patient information leaflet